N.SSign to resume album promotion without Doha

컴퓨터 2023-12-07 00:33:18 3

K-pop boy group n.SSign will continue promoting its debut album one member short, with Doha on a break due to health issues, according to n.CH Entertainment on Monday.

“Doha has been having health issues and he is currently taking a break for a medical diagnosis of his symptoms," said the agency in a press release.

"As we prioritize our artist’s health and stability, we have decided along with other members of n.SSign that it is for the best for Doha to halt group activities for a while to concentrate on recovery and treatment.”

The nine-member group, which made its debut with the album “Birth of Cosmos” in August, racked up 210,260 album preorders. Within the first week of the album's release, 207,227 copies were sold.

This is the fifth-highest number of debut albums sold by a K-pop boy group in the first week of its release.

The album, loved by many in Japan, topped iTunes’ Japan album chart, and landed at No. 6 on Oricon’s Weekly Album chart.

The group has been promoting the title track “Wormhole: New Track” from its debut album. The group plans to continue promoting the album with the sidetrack “Spice,” of the medium-tempo pop dance genre.

N.SSign is expected to debut in Japan on Nov. 29.




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